Boxing, MMA, WWE, and… The Paul Brothers

Jake and Logan Paul’s success are exposing the failures of boxing promoters to produce the best fights.

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As a boxing fan, writing that title was painful. But I’ll admit it — I’m thankful the Paul brothers are exposing how the greed and negligence of boxing promotors have consistently robbed fans of the best fights.

At first glance, the cringe-worthy manner in which the Paul brothers have garnered attention by playing the bad guy is in some ways the epitome of trashiness. Their shtick feels like the prostitution and disrespect of moral character for attention, fame, and money... because in many ways it is.

But as they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure — trash talk…


On the importance of values and commitment for long-term monogamous relationships.

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Western culture has made amazing advancements in individual freedoms and psychological independence. Where once we were dependent on family, structure, and hierarchy, our culture and society have evolved to the point where the individual has been able to remove themselves from a lot of the shackles of the past and can now more freely and whimsically choose their destiny.

Don’t like being tied to something, or someone, that is pulling you down? You have the freedom to leave that ball and chain and pursue whatever makes you happy! What a privilege!

And thank God for that, especially in the realm…


If Knicks fans want a stake in the drama of the playoffs, they have to follow other teams.

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Yup. Things seem to stay upside down for the New York Knicks. The last time they made the playoffs was in 2013, and the last time they made it to at least the Eastern Conference finals was in the year 2000. At that time I was in high school with no grey hairs, NSYNC’s “Bye Bye Bye” was blowing up the charts, and Russel Crow’s Gladiator had just dropped! …


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“I’m not going to be participating. I’m telling you that right now.”

Damian Lillard, during an interview with Yahoo Sports, made his intentions crystal clear. Without the possibility of Dame Time in the playoffs, there’s not enough incentive to risk getting back on the court. But while the carrot of potential playoff glory would be enough to get Lillard back in action, each NBA player has a lot to consider.

First, there are the financial implications for the league and its players. If NBA teams don’t play at least 70 games, according to Sam Amick of The Atlantic, the league…


Don’t hate the player, hate the game that Harden has revolutionized.

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Love to hate on James Harden? You’ve come to the right place! No shame in my game — I’ll happily be the heel to your haterism of The Beard since it’s completely ridiculous (and getting my article clicks at the same time)!

When using logic, this is an open and shut case. His MVP, plus 3 MVP Runner-ups, 2 scoring titles (soon to be 3), 5x 1st Team All NBA selections, 8x All Star selections, 6th Man of the year award, 1x annual minutes leader, 2x NBA 3pt field goals leader, 2012 Olympic Gold Medal, countless other statistical accolades, mean…

Movie Talk

The most comprehensive Ernest film rankings of all time!

Ernest P Worrell popping in Vern’s door with a Santa beard on and a huge excited look on his face.
Ernest P Worrell popping in Vern’s door with a Santa beard on and a huge excited look on his face.
Imagine if Ernest had his own Twitter… THAT would be entertaining!

Vern! Vernon, open up! …Guess what?! The internet is lettin’ me — Ernest P. Worrell, thespian extraordinaire — have my very own ranking system for all my movies! I cain’t believe it, Vern! So grab some of that there punch yer so found of and let’s get to readin’, knowhutimean?!

Since I was a kid in the 80’s, I have been a huge fan of the Ernest movies. But if you’re not so familiar with them, you might be surprised to learn there are 9 total films, a 13-episode children’s television series, multiple comedy specials, an indie film with an…

Movie Talk

Someone was watching Ernest Saves Christmas, knowhutimean?

Ernest Saves Christmas poster (1988) Credit: Disney Wiki

Hey Vern! Have you seen The Christmas Chronicles with Kurt Russell? Have you seen Ernest Saves Christmas with the late great Jim Varney? Well golly-Bob-howdy, let’s talk about the similarities!

I’m always looking for ways to keep the spirit of Ernest P. Worrell alive. When I was a kid in the 80’s I fell in love with the Ernest movies, starting with Ernest Scared Stupid which genuinely scared me. To this day I re-watch the Ernest movies every year, while obviously also watching out for scary, demonic, milk-sensitive trolls. And Vern, it’s a year-round kinda thing, knowhutimean?

Summer? Ernest Goes…

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